Our Consulting Company

Our Consulting Company
Our main consultancy services are Management Consultancy, Institutionalization Consultancy, Advertising Consultancy, Human Resources Consultancy, Finance and Investment Consultancy, Management Consultancy, Production Consultancy, R&D Consultancy, All International Transactions Consultancy, Foreign Transactions Consultancy, Seminar Fair Consultancy, Import Export Consultancy, Organization Consultancy, Education Consultancy, Business Production and Marketing Consultancy. With our Expert Consultants in Turkey and abroad as Information Management Consultancy, they share their experiences in different sectors with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors, Senior Managers and the CEO on New Vision, Strategy and Creating Plans.
Creating the Most Efficient Company Organizational Structure through Strategic Planning Processes.
New Business-Specific Management Approach and Redesign of the Company that Will Provide Maximum Benefit to the Business.
Establishment and Restructuring of Human Resources Management in Creating an Efficient and Effective Business Environment.
Creating a Performance System and Effective Human Management Model. Making Necessary Process Improvements. Making Human Resources Changes. Competency Pool and Competency Criteria Expected from Each Position.
Providing Training and/or Consultancy on Necessary Issues to the Necessary Departments, Focusing on Process Improvements That Will Increase the Company's Profit, Growth and Efficiency.
  During the Institutionalization Process of Family Companies, it is ensured that domestic issues do not occupy the agenda and that the organizational structure of the company focuses on institutionalization and production performance is increased with the consultancy service for preparing a family constitution specific to each company in terms of determining the framework for communication between family members and employees and ensuring clarity of authority and responsibilities.
On the other hand, we offer our Foreign Investment Consultancy, Real Estate Consultancy, Factory Manufacturing Installation Consultancy, Company Establishment and Opening Consultancy and Other Foreign Transactions Consultancy Services in the Field of Attracting Foreign Investors in Turkey within the Framework of International Transactions, with the Accompaniment of Our Quality and Experienced Experts.