The MZ brand is one of the Mehran Group's companies operating in the field of translation services.
   Members of the board of directors of Mehran Group are proficient in many foreign languages and have been able to provide translation services in various fields throughout Turkey and other foreign countries for 10 years with a bright resume.
Thanks to efficient service and international relations, the management of the translation company was able to form a group of hundreds of trained and experienced translators in the organizational chart for communication in the field of written and oral translation throughout Turkey and in foreign countries. It has achieved a bright background in the field of translation services to organizations.
In the field of translation (medical, legal, academic, technical, public, etc.) performed by our company's sworn notary certified and named translators, as well as by senior language experts, it has won 27001 and 9001.
Our company, which has international awards in the field of translation, has more than 1,200 permanent customers in Turkey and abroad and expands its translation services as its vision in different fields.
Our company MZ Translation Services provides translation services in the following languages according to the translation needs and demands of our customers throughout Turkey and especially in neighboring countries for touristic, academic, commercial, medical and research purposes.

Azerbaijani; Assamese; Albanian; German; Urdu; Armenian; Uzbek; Spanish; Estonian; Slovak; Slovenian;
Afrikaans; Ukrainian; Indonesian; Persian; English; Arabic; Russian; Turkish; Italian; Irish
Icelandic; Belarusian; Bulgarian; bengali; Bosnian; Portuguese; Pashto; punjabi; Tatar; Tajik; Czech;
Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Romanian, Japanese, Swedish, Sudanese, Somali, Serbian;
French; Persian; Finnish; Filipino; Kyrgyz; Kazakh; Kurdish (Sorani); Kurdish (Kermanji); Korean;
Georgian, Luxembourgish, Polish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Marathice, Mongolian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Dutch;
Indian, Greek
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