Our R&D company was established abroad in 2008 under the name of Tarh Andish Khalaq, and has adopted the principle of specializing in all areas of research. In addition to all the market research needed by the private sector and public institutions, it also specializes in research aimed at the needs of international companies, with its quality team.

In the field of International Marketing, Mehran Group, with its old name (Tarh Andish Khalaq) abroad and with its new name in Turkey in 2023, is the only research company that constantly observes the opinions of the overseas community with its "Agenda Research" that it has been conducting regularly since 2008, and covers every stage of the management process. With our Realistic and Applicable Solutions, we have become a solution partner for customer companies in Turkey and abroad.

Our R&D Company, which has an organizational structure that can carry out research all over the country and abroad, is among the most powerful and reliable companies in Turkey and the foreign market by obtaining ISO 9001-ISO 27001, with its extensive experience and expert staff.

Today, it is among Turkey's leading research and development organizations with its Advanced Methodologies, Experiences in Various Sectors and Strong Consultant Team. In the Last Five Years, 60% of Research and Development's New Business Comes from Old Customers. This Statistics is the Performance Indicator We Give Most Importance.

Deriving its strength from the increasing performance of its customers, ARGE's customer profile includes leading companies in their sectors. In our opinion, this is a very important and instinctive feature of being a leader. No matter how good the current position is, not being satisfied with it and striving to achieve better.

We apply the following basic principles that we never give up to achieve the best:

Adding Added Value to Our Customers' Businesses,
Creating Creative Approaches and Feasible Solutions,
Not to refrain from making any sacrifices in order to carry out every job we undertake in the best possible way,
Always Taking Care of Our Customers' Privacy.
We are at your side for your success with solutions that are applicable in international context and local conditions, the methodology and application experience required to achieve them, our services that focus entirely on the demands and expectations of our customers, and our ability to produce creative solutions.

Based on the International Experience of Our Company's Managers, We Are Among the Leading Highest Quality Investment, Business Market Research and Business Development R&D Companies.

Our aim is to successfully highlight the market research according to the real investment needs of foreign nationals who want to invest in Turkey, as well as brand promotion and marketing operations and the most suitable investment type with profit.

Professionalism, Language Knowledge, Punctuality, Functional, Focused on Customer Preferences, Accessibility, Continuous Communication, Sensitive, Flexible, International Bilateral Communication Network Our Promise of "Correct Interpretation and Being the Golden Key" is Valid Until Your Satisfaction is Achieved.

​MEHRAN GROUP is aware that it owes its reliability and reputation to honesty, methodological sensitivity, scientific rigor and corporate seriousness.