Who is the Mehran group

About us


The Mehran group of companies started its initial activity with another brand name in the central office of Tehran province in 2003 in the field of supplying and importing spare parts for light passenger cars and in cooperation with Yekta company in the industrial complex of Isfahan province in the field of designing and manufacturing molds for passenger car parts. has done .

The management of this company, by gaining a lot of international experience and getting to know other companies, as well as participating in their own family company in the years 2005 to 2013, was able to work in the fields of food industry, export and import, real estate, interior decoration and furniture, construction, services. Touristic and medical; engineering activities and cleaning services in the international field, established relations with neighboring countries and in line with international relations and expanding their dreams in order to become a commercial brand all over the world by enduring many difficulties and entered the market. The international trade of Turkey has become and since 2012 in various fields in the private and public sector, he has used all the potential experiences in order to expand his company, and in this regard, in cooperation with large international companies and highly educated engineers in Turkey and neighboring countries have been able to record significant progress in the field of construction and interior decoration.
Due to their higher education and expertise in foreign languages, the managers of this group have been able to present their international experiences to other domestic and foreign companies, and this company, under the name of Mehran and the brand of MZ, has been operating in Turkey in the Black Sea region since 2023. has started in various fields in other companies affiliated to the group.In continuation of its success, our company started its operations by opening branches in Istanbul and Ankara in order to provide the most reliable and fastest service to its customers.
It has also been able to form all its international experiences in the form of a technical and professional working group and a team of international engineers and consultants in Turkey for more services.
The main policy and goal of the owners of this company is to create new technology and services, and in this regard, they operate with international standards in all service fields.