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The service of obtaining a work permit in Turkey with the guarantee of the best collection of international group companies in Turkey
Mehran Group is officially working in Turkey with the partnership of more than 27 Turkish companies in various fields.
The high-ranking experts of this company are graduates from various universities in Turkey, and the managers of this company, with many records in government projects, have been able to record a brilliant track record in various fields of service to foreign nationals.
If you are one of the people who intends to immigrate to Turkey for work, or if you are one of the people who have sent their primary documents to work in this country, you must have come across the title of work permit in Turkey. In fact, after completing all immigration procedures, what is important is to receive a work permit in Turkey. This issue has its own rules and procedures, and naturally it will have benefits both for the country of Turkey and for the individual.
What are your challenges?
Chalishma Ezin means obtaining a work permit in Turkey, which every person is required to obtain. This rule has no exceptions. Obtaining Chalishma Izni from Turkey takes a certain time and you must be able to delegate this task to your employer with proper communication.
The benefits of Chalishma Izni
Despite the strictures that are put forward to receive Chalishma Eizin, but this method will ultimately benefit the person and the person can benefit from special facilities. In Turkey, the law is that if a person has been a resident of that country for more than 8 years, he will be allowed to work without restrictions and will benefit from all the legal benefits of this country. Now, if a person who immigrated to work in this country renews his residence every year, after five to six years, he can receive permanent residence from Turkey and fully benefit from the benefits of this country.
When a person does not have a work permit, he will not benefit from any law. Even the smallest benefits such as insurance will not be included without having Chalishma Izni, and this will cause a person to not have insurance after several years of work and retirement. This problem will be solved by getting a work permit and the person you work for is obliged to pay the amount of this insurance.
Necessary documents to get chalishma from Türkiye
In this section, we list the documents that are usually required to receive a Turkish visa. Note that when you apply for a work permit, you must have all the necessary documents ready.
Basic documents to get Chalishma Izin or Izni: (of course, if you act as an investor or entrepreneur, other documents may be required in addition to the following)
personal photo file (the personal photo must be from the previous 6 to 8 months at most)
A valid original or temporary degree
Valid passport
Work visa application form
A copy of the employment contract (signed by the employer and the applicant)
Get Chalishma Ezin for students in Türkiye
Up to this part of the article, we have explained about Chalishma Eizin Turkey and the benefits of getting Chalishma Eizin card and types of work permits, and we have mentioned the necessary documents to get Chalishma Eizin Turkey. In this part of the article, we examine the possibility and how to apply for a work permit for students in this country.
According to the new international labor laws in Turkey, international students in associate and bachelor degrees are not allowed to work full-time, and after completing 1 year of their studies, they can work up to 30 hours a week. However, post-graduate students, i.e. international students of master's and doctorate degrees, can apply for the Chalishma Eizin Turkey card.
The rules that students must follow for a work permit in Türkiye:
Tips for receiving challenges easily
In this section, we have tried to express the points that may help you in receiving your e-mail challenge, which are:
In the field of obtaining a work permit in Turkey, there are several methods, such as creating a business and obtaining a work permit on the established active business; The services of registering a company and obtaining a work permit for a company and finding an employer are Turkish.
In Turkey, most Turkish employers obtain work permits for sensitive jobs that require special expertise through reputable companies.
In the field of obtaining work permit services, the records of intermediary companies in this field will speed up the procedure of obtaining and confirming your work permit.
With the help of a work permit, you can get permanent residence after a few years. This is done when you apply for this job up to five years.
If you are going to find a suitable employer on your own, make sure that he is reliable. Like many countries, this country also has risks; So before you get taken advantage of or overcharged, ask around.
Due to the fact that the country of Turkey is subject to the growth of the unemployment rate, it initially hires natives of this country, and this may prolong the process of handling your work.
A law that exists in this country to obtain chalishma izni is that the employer is first obliged to hire a person who is a resident of Turkey and has the possibility to work in that position. Despite these people, Turkey does not allow employers to hire foreigners.

Types of work permits include:
Unlimited work permit: Any person who has been a legal resident of Turkey for more than five to eight years and resides in this country can receive a permanent or unlimited work permit from Turkey after the end of this period. By receiving this work permit, there is no need for annual renewal, and the person also benefits from legal benefits.
Temporary or limited work permit: according to this type of work permit, the individual can receive this work permit for about one year according to his specific workplace and employer.
Permission to work independently: In this type of challenge, a person works completely independently. If five to eight years have passed since his independent work and residence and he has contributed to the economic prosperity, he will be given this work permit. Similarly, the work permit can be in three forms: employee, student or employer.
Procedures for obtaining a work permit
The procedures for obtaining a work permit depend on various issues according to the type of job a person chooses for himself; But the general process of obtaining a work permit is as follows:
Find a suitable employer
The employer's visit to the work permit site
Specify the type of work permit that is temporary or permanent
Entering the personal information of a foreigner
Registration of information such as residential address, phone, email
Enter the address of the workplace
Enter information about the workplace
Entering general information such as history, experience and educational qualifications
Enter work information such as type of duty and salary
Inserting the document file in PDF format
The employer's visit to the work permit site
Providing documents required by the organization
Paying for a work permit
Follow up until registering the answer of Turkey
Documents required to obtain a work permit
When applying for a work permit, a person must prepare his documents completely and submit the file to the Turkish Labor Department. These Chalishma Izni documents include:
Personal photo (the person must have taken this photo about six to eight months ago and upload the photo electronically)
Work visa application form
A copy of the employment contract
The costs of your challenge are low
Obtaining a work permit through the employer does not end only by obtaining a contract between the worker and the employer, and you must register the address of your residence and other legal registration matters, and in the field of obtaining a residence permit, most inexperienced companies in this field offer prices High Pine services have misled their customers and have not performed the services in the correct manner.
In order to obtain a work permit, the company's management history and its roots in Turkey can guide you to the right destination. Mehran Group, with its management experience as a partner of the company and its government records in the field of immigration, has been able to provide the best information services in this field to its customers. Offer.
How long does this challenge last?
It is not possible to set a specific time for Chalishma Ezni because it is the employer who must follow up the work quickly; But if we consider the time of registration of information on the site, it will take about 30 days for confirmation and review.

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